Songwriter & Music Publisher

Willie has owned and managed Willie French Lowery Publishing (BMI) (and here) since 1977. He has written over 500 songs in genres ranging from gospel and blues to country and children’s music. In 1970, his song “Streets of Gold” reached #1 on the pop charts in the Carolinas, Virginia, Philadelphia and New York. He has written and recorded albums including “Plant and See” (1969, White Whale Records), “Overdose” (1970, Radnor Records), “Captain of the Ship” (1993, WFL Records), and “Thunder Beings of Light” (1998, WFL Records).

To purchase “Overdose,” click here. “Plant and See” is out of print, but vintage copies can be often found on ebay or other used record websites. “Plant and See” has become a valuable record! At last check, it’s ebay sell-it-now price was $100. Check back here for more information on how to purchase Willie’s other music.

A few songs can be heard on Willie’s MySpace website.


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