Paintings: 2005

ink, pastel, and watercolor on paper

this is a very happy and carefree owl. This owl is witty. Time will tell us as we grow older like the owl, when he flies into the distance his wings spread for miles. He dives down into the wilderness, into the forest where hunters try to take him away. The story of the wise old owl is in this picture, just look deep into what we call the future.

ink on paper

I’ve never seen Rhoda but I think with all my imagination that she looked something like this.

acrylic on canvas–SOLD

Seagulls fly very high, over a place that seems like an island. That day was born was a horse with a throne as he eats slowly his corn. How did we get from A to B, when in a distance you cannot see, but you can taste the salt in the air. The horse with no name.

acrylic on canvas–SOLD

acrylic on paper–SOLD


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