Visual Art

My art came as a surprise to me and to my friends. It was like God’s gift, because I really never thought about painting anything, until I started telling my wife about the past, how I used to make up toys with just my fingers. To me, they were very much alive. So I guess it branched from that, the creativity of painting is not knowing what you’re going to paint, you just jump on it and let creativity be your guide.

Although I’m still amazed at the people who like my artwork, I think about all the people that’s been in it years and years, but yet I’m able to place my work in good places around Harvard and UNC-Chapel Hill. But the amazing thing to me is how my wife encouraged me so much, she told me every painting was great and how much she loved it. Of course she had her constructive criticism, but nothing that would stop me from progressing. As a matter of fact, it made me progress.

-Willie Lowery

For more on Willie’s art, click here.


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