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On August 18, the prestigious (and fun!) journal Southern Cultures will release its Roots Music issue (with a free CD!) featuring Willie! The article is written by Mike Taylor, based on oral histories he conducted with Willie. It is called Songwriter, Producer, Musician, Sensation: Willie Lowery on the Record.

An excerpt from Aaron Smithers CD liner notes

Lumbee’s overdriven southern rock shoots up like spring growth, with Willie Lowery’s massive guitar riffs growing straight from a taproot deep in North Carolina. The chorus leaves no question as to the source—“We are Lumbee.”

In this special issue Willie is in the company of Bukka White, Jimmy Anderson, the Seeger family, Roger McGuinn, Saxie Dowell, and more!–couldnt we travel back in time and get these artists together for a jam session?

The journal is being released in collaboration with a statewide traveling museum exhibition, New Harmonies Celebrating Americas Roots Music, sponsored by the North Carolina Humanities Council.