Contact Willie

Please leave a comment below to contact Willie, or email him at! Thanks!

  1. Mable Moses says:

    Willie how much are your CD?

  2. Mable Moses says:

    OK! I found out the price. When you are in Pembroke on Tuesday or
    Friday, bring me one by Linda’s.

  3. leon oxendine says:

    willie this is your cousin leon,shirleys son… was in church yesterday and streets of gold popped in my head and i though of you hope you,re doing well….

  4. Jay Newcomer says:

    Hi Willie…It’s Jay from the old Savage days….Happy to see your still kickin’…Write when you can and let me know how you are.

    Kind regards…Jay

  5. Chris Locklear says:

    Hey Willie,
    Just wanted to say hello and its good to know you are doing well! This is Chris, we worked in the studio together back in 1994 when you had your studio in Lumberton. I’m still in the recording buisness and It never gets old playing music no matter what style. Well you take care and get up with me sometime!

  6. Tracy Altman says:

    Hey Willie, Just wanted to drop a note to say Hi and glad everything is going well for you! Hope your holiday are blessed.

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